Express Spa Deliveries

About Us

We started moving spas and hot tubs for Sundance Spas of Orange County in 2001. At that time they had 4 stores in Orange County.
We had a total of 11 dealers; Jacuzzi, Cal Spa, Master Spas, Freeflow, Hot Springs, Artesian, Diamante, and L A Spas. During the glory years we were delivering over 1000 spas and hot tubs per year. They would sell a spa, and they would fax us a delivery slip. The Delivery Slip would have the customers name, address, phone number, and the description of the Spa or Hot tub.

We then would call the Customer, and ask them about their access, We would ask about gate width, low eaves, gas meters in front of gates, and if a crane was needed.

That was where, and how we became professional spa and hot tub movers.

As the Economy was changing and Dealers were closing their doors, we had to expand our business delivering BBQ Islands . We had to start doing more advertising, we found a whole new market of moving used spas for customers that were moving, buying, selling, or just wanted to get rid of their old spa or hot tub.

What we are saying is, that because of our past history, it's hard to find a company with more experience than Express Spa Deliveries. Every home is different, every spa move is different ,our past speaks volumes, and that's why we are PROFESSIONAL SPA MOVERS, not to many companies out there have earned that title the way we did.

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